Conecto was founded in March 2002, as a sister company of the company Praesidia Bologna, a well established Italian manufacturer and distributor of medical products, with its own sales force/network for Italy. However, for the international sales and marketing activities, Praesidia created a brand new company named Conecto in which it holds 51% of the shares. From January 2012 Conecto is fully owned by one of its founders, Piero Malobbia.

Conecto represents an outstanding opportunity for those small and medium sized medical manufacturing companies, who wish to get into the European marketplace. Conecto is a real accelerator for your business and is able to propose your products to carefully selected distributors with a strong position in their various market segments. Conecto connects you to the European market and offers you complete geographical coverage.


Conecto is also a great opportunity for medical distributors looking for new products with a competitive edge. Conecto offers access to an interesting portfolio of products which is continuously in expansion. Conecto is the missing link between manufacturers and distributors and represents a great opportunity for your business.

Working with Conecto means relying on a partner able to offer a whole range of services and support such as market analysis, clinical studies, development and management of distributor networks, designing new product introductions, product training, reporting, development of promotional tools and materials etc. All of this integrated in a system where Conecto is the main reference point for both the manufacturer and the distributor.



Conecto offers a unique international concept that ensures direct contact between manufacturer and distributor for shipments and payments, without the costly accumulation of mark-ups.

For both the manufacturer and distributor this means safeguarding full trasparency of the business relationship, whilist benefiting from the commercial support of Conecto.

Conecto is managed by people who have an impressive track record in the medical business. People coming from a multinational background who have demonstrated over the past 15 years to be successful entrepreneurs.